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2019 ICC

KIBCU ICC Summary (9 sites) QAC

People: 227

Pounds (estimated): 3,800

Total Items Collected: 21,792

Most Likely to Find Items:

Cigarette Butts: 4,579

Food Wrappers (candy, chips, etc.): 837

Take Out/Away Containers (Plastic): 71

Take Out/Away Containers (Foam): 40

Bottle Caps (Plastic): 597

Bottle Caps (Metal): 307

Lids (Plastic): 88

Straws, Stirrers: 266

Forks, Knives, Spoons: 52

Beverage Bottles (Plastic): 519

Beverage Bottles (Glass): 437

Beverage Cans: 569

Grocery Bags (Plastic): 132

Other Plastic Bags: 188

Paper Bags: 88

Cups, Plates (Paper): 119

Cups, Plates (Plastic): 81

Cups, Plates (Foam): 76

Category Total: 9,046

Fishing Gear:

Fishing Buoys, Pots & Traps: 90

Fishing Net & Pieces: 177

Fishing Line (1 yard/meter = 1 piece): 765

Rope (1 yard/meter = 1 piece): 140

Category Totals: 1,172

Packaging Materials:

6-Pack Holders: 29

Other Plastic/Foam Packaging: 356

Other Plastic Bottles (oil, bleach, etc.): 31

Strapping Bands: 104

Tobacco Packaging/Wrap: 64

Category Totals: 584

Other Items:

Appliances (refrigerators, washers, etc.): 3

Balloons: 20

Cigar Tips: 90

Cigarette Lighters: 8

Construction Materials: 232

Fireworks: 59

Tires: 24

Toys: 0

Category Totals: 436

Personal Hygiene:

Condoms: 2

Diapers: 28

Syringes: 3

Tampons/Tampon Applicators: 26

Category Totals: 59

Tiny Trash Less Than 2.5 cm (MICROplastics and MICROfoam):

Foam Pieces: 3,719

Glass Pieces: 494

Plastic Pieces: 6,282

Category Totals: 10,495

Total Items Collected: 2,1792

Unusual Items & Items not Categorized by ICC:

Terrapin Beach: 55 gallon drum, Plastic pallet, Socks, Underwear

Kent Narrows Landing: Lottery ticket, Batteries, Metal pieces, Tin foil, Q-tips

Old Love Point Park: RX Bottle, Wipes , Bones

Matapeake Pier: Phone charger, Towels, Razor blade, Hooks, Plyers, Batteries, Clothes

Romancoke Pier: Wipes, Bracelet, Metal pieces, Beer boxes

Hemingway's Beach: Shoes, Scissors, Batteries, Clothes

Matapeake Beach: Perfume bottle

Ferry Point Park: Comb, Shotgun shells (some may count as basic plastic)

Centreville Landing: Glasses, Shoe, RX bottle, Spark plug

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