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Sustainable Habits

Products & Tips that will help you live your life without plastic

Shopping Bags

Put them in your car in the front seat or use compact bags to store in your purse so you never forget them.  Don't just use them for your groceries; take them to the mall or anywhere else you plan on making a purchase. 

Reusable bags.jpg
Produce Bags

They are generally unnecessary. What are we worried about? That our apples won’t get along with our broccoli during the trip home? Or is it that the produce will get dirty? Hey, it grew in the dirt, and we’re going to wash it anyway, right?

reusable produce bags.png
Water Bottles

This should be the easiest habit to break.  Why are we buying plastic water bottles to use for 10 minutes and then toss?  Choose a stainless steel bottle like the options to your right.  They keep any liquid cold or hot a lot longer than plastic. And they look pretty cool too. 

Reusable water bottles.png
Takeout Utensils

All those forks, knives, and spoons we get with our takeout food is so ridiculous and wasteful. Usually we are just taking the food home to eat it, and we have utensils there.  So why do we need the plastic ones?  If you are on the road, get a cute reusable utensil set and carry it in your purse, book bag, or keep it in your car. 

reusable utensils.jpg
To-Go Containers

Let's get old school!  Why are we packing our kids lunches in all disposable plastic?  That plastic is harmful to our kids, and it is so wasteful.  Save money by purchasing a reusable lunch or to-go container, ready for all your food to be organized.  Ask your favorite take-out restaurant to pack your food in one too!  Don't be shy; you're the customer!

reusable to go containers.jpg
Reusable Coffee Pod

Those disposable coffee pods are cool, but they contribute to single-use waste.  You can purchase a stainless steel pod and cut out all that unnecessary waste.  The best part about it is that YOU can choose your favorite coffee to add to it! Then you can compost the coffee grinds when you are done!

reusable coffee pod.jpg
Food Wrap

There are many excellent substitutes to the ubiquitous stretch plastic wrap we have been told is essential for cooking and preserving foods - like beeswax paper! It conforms to bowls and containers, keeps sandwiches fresh, and it washable and reusable.

reusable food wrap.jpg

Composting reduces or eliminates the decline in nitrogen availability that commonly occurs when organic materials, such as sawdust or straw, are added directly to soil. Composting is also very useful for recycling kitchen wastes, leftover crop residues, weeds, and manures.

Challenge Everyone

Challenge your friends, family, coworkers, restaurants, bars, and schools to get off the plastic train and aim towards a plastic-free lifestyle!  These options save money in the long run, and our planet too!

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