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Locations we love, and that's why we clean them!

We organize cleanups at several locations throughout Kent Island and Queen Anne's County, including Terrapin Nature Park, Kent Narrows area, Ferry Point Park, Old Love Point Park, Hemingway's Beach, Matapeake Pier and Beach, Romancoke Pier, Centreville Wharf, and more. 


Our main focus has been at both Terrapin Nature Park and the Kent Narrows Fishing Pier & Landing area. Our efforts and attention in these two regions are important because of their close proximity to the Chesapeake Bay and other estuaries, as well as the lack of regulation and control of pollution in these two very different parts of our Eastern Shore. 


Terrapin Nature Park

191 Log Canoe Circle, Stevensville, MD 21666



Directions: Take Exit for Rt. 8 North (Stevensville) from Rt. 50. Make your first left onto Skipjack Parkway. Turn left onto Log Canoe Circle. Entrance to Terrapin Beach Park will be on your left.


Terrapin Nature Park is very important to KIBCU’s and its volunteers because of all the beauty it has to offer. The size and scope of the park and beach make it much more difficult to regulate, and trash is known to be hidden in the marshes and grassy areas where accessibility is not an option. Trash washes up on the beach from other areas and cities, and storms cause flooding that move trash and debris far back past the shoreline. The lack of regulation and monitoring by officials makes it a desired spot for visitors that wish to have privacy while fishing or relaxing on the beach. We believe that it is imperative that our cleanups take place on a monthly basis, at a minimum, to maintain the cleanliness of the park.



Terrapin Park sits on 276 acres of Bay front land north of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge. The park includes over 4,000 feet of shoreline, 73 acres of wetlands, and features a 3.25-mile oyster chaff walking trail that wonders through the woods, marsh and up to the beach. The trail provides a unique vantage point for viewing an incredible variety of waterfowl, wildlife and plant species. The trail, which wanders over several ridges, across marshlands and through woodlands, features two observation blinds overlooking the tidal ponds. The trail connects to the County’s Cross Island Trail system which goes from Terrapin Beach Park all the way to Kent Narrows. Terrapin Beach Park allows dogs on leashes and is open from dusk until dawn.

Kent Narrows

100 Piney Narrows Road, Chester, Maryland


Directions from points West on Rt. 50/301: Take Exit 42 (MD RT. 18 Main Street). Turn right at stop sign onto Main Street. Then make a right onto Kent Narrows Road. Go under Rt.50 and make your first left onto Narrows Road. You will see the East commuter lot on your left. 


Directions from points East on Rt. 50/301: Take exit 42 (MD RT. 18 Main Street/Kent Narrows East). Merge onto Kent Narrows Road. At stop sign, make a right to stay on Kent Narrows Road, and make an immediate left onto Narrows Rd. You will see the East commuter lot on your left.  


Kent Narrows is also very important to us because of its unique landscape and proximity to many bars, restaurants and hotels. This area gets a lot of traffic, with little to no regulation of rules regarding fishing or pollution. It is imperative that we clean this area as often as possible so that we are more visible to the businesses and visitors, but also to find and dispose of the 100+ fishing lines and hooks we find at each cleanup.

Located between the East end of Kent Island, by the Chester River, and Grasonville, MD. It is approximately 2.6 square miles, of which 1.0 square miles is land and 1.6 square miles is water. This area is a hotbed for tourists and locals alike as there are over 8 restaurants/bars, 2 hotels, and other attractions. There are two bridges that span across the water where the Chester River on the North meets with the Wells Cove to the South. Rt. 50 is the larger of the two bridges while The Watermen's Memorial Bridge, Rt. 18 (Main Street), is the smaller bridge. The Cross Island Trail overlaps Rt.18 on the smaller bridge, and spans from Terrapin Beach Park to Kent Narrows.

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