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Want to Join our Board of Directors?

The Kent Island Beach Cleanups Board of Directors are friends and community members who have joined together to form one common mission: protect and preserve Kent Island through education, awareness, and social responsibility and advocacy.  Board Members bring a variety of skills to the organization and have diverse backgrounds in sales, management, logistics, accounting, and more. You need not have an environmental background, but you must have a passion for the mission, share a common vision of success and are willing to invest the time and energy to accomplish it.

To be considered for the board of Directors, a candidate must first have:

1.) participated in one full season of events.  At a minimum this includes:  6 clean ups and one community event.  Over the course of that experience, you will be expected to learn how to, and then be willing  to, pick up trash, sort trash and recycles, man and perform all functions of the sign-in tent, and be able to explain our mission, vision and processes to interested community members. 


2.)  After that season, if you still want to be a member of the Board, you will be interviewed and invited to join. 

If selected, you will be expected to participate in majority of clean ups and participate in at least one community event each year.  You will be expected to perform all of the functions listed above as well as attend four Board meetings per year. 


*All Board Members are volunteers, and receive no compensation*

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